And it is beyond anything you could have imagined - virtually! Immersive technologies have the potential to revolutionize the way we live. Virtual and Augmented Reality are already gaining traction as the next big thing after the Internet. They will directly impact the way we consume content, from the way we view entertainment, to the way we learn, socialize, or even just go about with the routine of daily life. Immersive and intuitive, VR and AR have the power to completely alter the way we interact in the real world, blurring lines between the physical and the completely unimaginable. Technologies that give you a sense of presence, immersive tech is the future that many of us dreamed about. And that future is most definitely here.
There is, currently, rising curiosity and increasing interest among Indian innovators about VR and AR, and the power it possesses to be a world-altering phenomenon. However, while professionals and experts have already begun experimenting with the technologies, it isn’t something that is easily accessible or mainstream enough to be familiar territory for most. What is lacking is a common meeting ground for like-minded people to come together under one roof and start conversations about this fascinating, little-known world of immersive technologies. This is where we come in,
to begin a dialogue on all that it means for the future.

The first-ever summit on VR and AR to be held in India, the Immersive Tech Summit provides a peek into the future of these unique transformational technologies. The aim is to bring together people from various facets of the industry to share their vision and innovations, and talk about the risks and possibilities that these technologies can pose. It offers an opportunity to developers, design and technology enthusiasts, marketers, advertising agencies, filmmakers, gamers and researchers, to acquaint themselves with the future of VR and AR. It is the only platform of its kind to find out about new developments in the field and harness the as-yet-untapped potential of immersive tech.

Apart from knowledge sharing, the Summit will also host an award ceremony to celebrate those who have broken new ground in this space with outstanding innovations, and also showcase some awesome VR/AR work.

The Immersive Tech Summit gives you a chance to be part of this unbelievable life-
changing opportunity of finding out ways to enhance human interaction.

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